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Latest updates
Apr 11, 2003: Updated Marquesas Is and Cook Is entries in Pacific Checklist, from booklets by Holyoak and Chester et al.
Mar 30, 2003: Updated Antipodes Is entries in Pacific Checklist, from new paper by Tennyson et al .
Mar 30, 2003: Updated Micronesian entries in Pacific Checklist.
Mar 28, 2003: Added 3 photos of "Pink-sided" and "Gray-headed" Dark-eyed Juncos taken Mar 2003 near Evergreen, CO, by Kay Niyo.
Mar 16, 2003: Added photo of Am. Woodcock digiscoped in my back yard, Tabor, Iowa 3/16/03.
Mar 4, 2003: Updated Pacific Checklist from great trip reports on Micronesia by Steve Smith and Graeme Talbot.
Feb 27, 2003: Pictures of a storm-petrel at Arica, Peru, taken summer 1998 by Martin Scott; click here and here.
Feb 26, 2003: Added pricing for Nov 2003 NZ Trip, including Chatham Is extension.
Feb 24, 2003: Added several great photos to Gallery taken by Jason Elsworth.
Feb 1, 2003: Updates to Pacific Checklist from Worthy and Holdaway's "The Lost World of the Moa".

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New Zealand Land and Pelagic Bird Tours
(Includes cumulative list)
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Nov 2001: 138 sp, plus 7 sp and 5 endemic subsp at Chatham Is; 26 pelagic sp, 3 kiwi sp (1 seen). Sp seen at Chatham Is: CI Albatross, Pitt Island Shag, CI Shag, CI Oystercatcher, Shore Plover, CI Pigeon, CI Warbler.
Nov 1999: 137 sp, incl 27 pelagic sp, 3 kiwi sp (2 seen).

A Birder's Checklist of the Birds of the Pacific Region
Pacific Checklist Bibliography
       This is a list of the 1200+ species that have occurred in the Pacific Region as defined below. It is annotated with taxonomic, distributional, and finding information.

Some Photos from (The Real) Down Under, or, as the Ozzies say, the "Shaky Isles"
Here are some pictures (a few taken from video) of interesting seabirds and other New Zealand birds of interest. It's not hard to see that I'm an amateur with a camera, but Ann Barker and Jason Elsworth came to my rescue after the 2001 trip, and allowed me to replace almost all of my pictures with theirs.

The Birds of Nebraska
     The book is now available on-line at major booksellers, or directly from the University of Nebraska Press, Lincoln, Nebraska.  Authors are Roger S. Sharpe, W. Ross Silcock, and Joel G. Jorgensen.

For anyone who is interested.

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