Zosterops japonicus Japanese White-eye
Z. j. japonicus Vis s Izu Is (Torishima).
Z. j. stejnegeri Res s Izu Is (Torishima). Populations on Ogasawara Is (Chichijima, Hahajima, Mukojima) are hybrids of stejnegeri and alani as a result of introductions (Brazil 1991).
Z. j. alani Res Iwo Is (Kita-iwojima, Iwojima).
Z. j. subsp? Int Hawaiian Is (Kauai, Oahu, Maui, Hawaii, Molokai), Johnston I.
F: Hawaiian Is (Kauai: Hanalei NWR, Lindsay).
Z. conspicillatus Bridled White-eye
Z. c. saypani Res Mariana Is (Tinian, Saipan, Aguiguan).
F: Saipan: total 50, Talbot; up to 50 Marpi Forest, S. Smith. Tinian: up to 20 near airport, Talbot.
Z. c. conspicillatus Res Mariana Is (Guam).
Z. c. rotensis Res Mariana Is (Rota c1167 inds, Craig 1999).
F: restricted to Sabana Plateau, Craig 1999; 6 from road to top of mountain, Talbot.
Z. semperi Caroline Islands White-eye
Z. s. semperi Res Palau (Babelduab to MeCherchar, absent Peleliu and Angaur, Engbring 1988).
F: common shrubby areas, Engbring 1988; Peleliu: 3-4 s Wenty's, Talbot, S. Smith.
Z. s. owstoni Res Caroline Is (Truk).
F: 10 Mt Winipot, Tol South, Talbot; 4 Japanese Gun, Weno, S. Smith.
Z. c. takatsukasai Res Caroline Is (Pohnpei).
F: easy, Lonsdale; 5-6+ fern forest, S. Smith, Talbot.
Z. hypolais Plain White-eye
Res Caroline Is (Yap).
F: 20 daily, S. Smith, Talbot.
Z. metcalfii Yellow-throated White-eye
Mayr and Diamond (2001) include exiguus in metcalfii.
Z. m. exiguus Res Solomon Is (Buka, Bougainville, Shortland Is, Choiseul).
F: common Buka, Bougainville, Gregory.
Z. m. metcalfii Res Solomon Is (Santa Isabel, Molakobi, Bates, San Jorge).
F: Santa Isabel abundant Garanga R, Kratter et al 2001.
Z. m. floridanus Res Solomon Is (Florida, Tulagi).
Z. rennellianus Rennell Island White-eye
This and the next six species constitute a superspecies (Mayr and Diamond 2001).
Res Solomon Is (Rennell).
F: 5 along road to L Tenggano, Richards.
Z. vellalavella Banded White-eye
David and Gosselin (2002b) indicate that vellalavella is invariable.
Res Solomon Is (Bagga, Vella Lavella, Mbava).
F: Vella Lavella: 6, Hornbuckle.
Z. luteirostris Splendid White-eye
Res Solomon Is (Ghizo).
F: about 10 seen near Gizo town, Richards.
Z. splendidus Ganongga White-eye
Res Solomon Is (Ranongga).
F: 10, Hornbuckle.
Z. kulambangrae Solomon Islands White-eye
Res Solomon Is (Kulambangra, Wana Wana, Kohingga, Vangunu, New Georgia, Gatukai).
F: Kolombangara: several lower slopes Mt Veve, Richards); 5-10, Hornbuckle.
Z. rendovae Rendova White-Eye
Res Solomon Is (Rendova).
Z. tetiparius Tetipare White-eye
Res Solomon Is (Tetepare).
Z. murphyi Kulambangra Mountain White-eye
Res Solomon Is (Kulambangra).
F: common higher slopes Mt Veve, Richards; common above 500m, Hornbuckle.
Z. ugiensis Grey-throated White-eye
The specific name rendovae has been used for this species, but recent authors reject arguments for its use.
Z. u. ugiensis Res Solomon Is (Makira).
F: common above Hauta, Richards.
Z. u. oblitus Res Solomon Is (Guadalcanal).
Z. u. hamlini Res Solomon Is (Bougainville).
F: one collected 1500m, Gregory.
Z. stresemanni Malaita White-eye
Res Solomon Is (Malaita).
F: common, Hornbuckle.
Z. sanctaecrucis Santa Cruz White-eye
Res Solomon Is (Santa Cruz Is).
Z. samoensis Samoan White-eye
Res Samoa (Savaii).
F: seen only above 900m, rare, best count 6, Reed 1979; noisy flocks 15-20 not uncommon in Aug in upland forest canopy, Bellingham and Davis 1988.
Z. explorator Layard's White-eye
Res Fiji (Viti Levu, Vanua Levu, Ovalau, Taveuni, Kadavu).
F: Kadavu: seen, Lonsdale. Viti Levu: Joske's Thumb and Wailoku, Lonsdale; forest, Myers; fairly common in forest, Sargeant 1992.
Z. flavifrons Yellow-fronted White-eye
Z. f. gauensis Res Vanuatu (Banks Is: Gaua).
Z. f. perplexus Res Vanuatu (Maewo, Ambae, Pentecost, Ambrym, Paama, Lopevi, Epi, Tongoa, Banks Is: Vanua Lava, Mere Lava).
Z. f. brevicauda
David and Gosselin (2002b) note that is invariable.
Res Vanuatu (Malo, Espiritu Santo).
Z. f. mavgillivrayi Res Vanuatu (Malakula).
Z. f. efatensis Res Vanuatu (Nguna, Efate, Erromango).
Z. f. flavifrons Res Vanuatu (Tanna, Aniwa).
Z. f. majusculus Res Vanuatu (Aneityum).
Z. minutus Small Lifou White-eye
Res New Caledonia (Loyalty Is: Lifou).
F: common, Quested.
Z. xanthochroa Green-backed White-eye
Use of xanthochroa rather than xanthochrous is discussed by David and Gosselin (2002a,b).
Res New Caledonia incl Loyalty Is (Mare).
F: G. Terre: 4-30 daily PTRB, 15 Mt Koghi, Fairbank.
Z. lateralis Silver-eye
Z. l. lateralis The presence currently of this taxon/species on Lord Howe I is questionable; it was introduced in 1924 (Long 1981), but was extirpated by the mid-1960s (Long 1981, Hutton 1991). Various observers have indicated that lateralis has occurred in recent years, and it has been suggested moreover that the two taxa do not interbreed based on an observed absence of introgression (McKean and Hindwood, in Long 1981 and Christidis and Boles 1994), but because there is no definite evidence on either point, Christidis and Boles retained tephropleura in lateralis until definitive studies are completed.
Res Kermadec Is, NZ (NI, SI, Stewart I), Chatham Is, Snares Is 200 prs, Antipodes I, Auckland Is, Campbell I. Acc Macquarie I (Tasmania PWS). Int Society Is (Tahiti, Moorea, Raiatea, Bora Bora), Tubuai Is (Raivavae, Tubuai, Rurutu), Tuamotu Is (Makatea; in Shirihai 2002). Vis (this taxon?) Norfolk I (Hermes et al).
F: Norfolk I (pop 1400 NINP 1987-88, Notornis 46:363; very common throughout, most had rufous flanks like Tasmanian race, Duranti); "most common bird of the forest", Dooley.
Z. l. griseonota Res New Caledonia incl Loyalty Is.
David and Gosselin (2002b) note that griseonota is invariable.
F: PTRB and Mt Koghi (Quested). 4 in scrub near Yate poss this sp, Fairbank; f. common Gr Terre, but not as common as Green-backed, Clarke.
Z. l. nigrescens Res New Caledonia (Loyalty Is: Mare, Ouvea).
Z. l. melanops Res New Caledonia (Loyalty Is: Lifou).
F: common, Quested; nothing like Aust forms of those on Gr Terre- another sp?, Clarke.
Z. l. tropicai Res Vanuatu (Tanna, Aniwa).
Z. l. vatensis (incl macmillani) Res Vanuatu (s to Erromango, Banks Is except Motu Lava, Torres Is).
Z. l. valuensis Res Vanuatu (Banks Is: Motu Lava).
Z. l. flaviceps Res Fiji except Lau Arch.
F: Kadavu: seen, Lonsdale. Common Viti Levu, Taveuni, Kadavu, Myers.
Z. tephropleurus Lord Howe White-eye
Res Lord Howe I 5000 inds.
This taxon may be specifically distinct from lateralis, but Christidis and Boles (1994) retained tephropleurus in lateralis pending further studies.
F: seen, Quested, Bielewicz.
Z. tenuirostris Slender-billed White-eye
Res Norfolk I, pop 1400 NINP and 300-500 other sites, absent Philip I, 1987-88.
F: seen NINP and Rocky Point (Hundred Acres) Reserve, Hermes et al; uncommon, best at Hundred Acre Farm at Rocky Point, a few Mt Pitt track, Duranti; 10-40 per day, only in Nat Pk, Clarke.
Z. strenuus Robust White-eye
Extinct. Formerly res Lord Howe I.
Z. albogularis White-crested White-eye
Res Norfolk I 20 inds?.
F: hard to find 1983-85 NINP, Hermes et al; a few at Bambora 1987-1994 and 2 near Mt Pitt 1991 (Notornis 46:364); not found in 32 hours searching May, Clarke; "Most probably extinct" 2001, Dooley).
Z. inornatus Large Lifou White-eye
Res New Caledonia (Loyalty Is: Lifou).
F: 2 birds in trees near 3 large electricity poles before the coconut grove to the left of the main airport road, Quested; 7+ betw turnoff to Nathalo and first coconut grove to left, Clarke; scarce and shy; one near Drehu, heard deep in forest, Gregory.
Z. finschii Dusky White-eye
Res Palau (Babelduab to Peleliu).
F: abund forests and shrubs, Engbring 1988. Peleliu: 2-6 Koror and s of Wenty's, Talbot, S. Smith.
Z. cinereus Grey White-eye
Z. c. ponapensis Res Caroline Is (Pohnpei).
F: abundant and widespread, Lonsdale; lowlands, S. Smith, Talbot.
Z. c. cinereus Res Caroline Is (Kosrae).
Z. oleagineus Yap Olive White-eye
Sometimes included in Rukia, but DNA data indicate Zosterops is correct.
Res Caroline Is (Yap).
F: 1-2 Fanif Rd, Talbot, S. Smith.
Cleptornis marchei Golden White-eye
Res Mariana Is (Saipan, Agiguan).
F: Saipan: 15 in forest near water tank Talbot; 20 Marpi Forest, S. Smith.
Woodfordia superciliosa Woodford's White-eye
Res Solomon Is (Rennell).
F: common, Richards.
W. lacertosa Sanford's White-eye
Res Solomon Is (Santa Cruz Is).
Rukia ruki Truk White-eye
Res Caroline Is (Truk).
F: common at summit of Tol, also Polle, Onei, Pata, Pratt et al 1987; 3+ summit Mt Winipot, Talbot.
R. longirostra Long-billed White-eye
Res Caroline Is (Pohnpei).
F: seen each day in forest, mixed flocks with Z. cinereus, Lonsdale; 6 in fern forest 300m, Talbot; 2 at 350m fern forest, S. Smith.
Megazosterops palauensis Giant White-eye
Res Palau (Peleliu, Ngeruktabl).
F: Peleliu: seen, de Vries; abund, Engbring 1988; up to 15 daily, Talbot, S. Smith.


Mimus polyglottos Northern Mockingbird
M. p. subsp? Res Revillagigedo Is (Socorro; cas Clarion). Int Hawaiian Is w to Kauai. Cas nw Hawaiian Is (incl one at sea Hawaiian Is EEZ in period Aug-Nov- M. Force), Jan-Mar Guadalupe I.
Nesomimus parvulus Galapagos Mockingbird
N. t. parvulus Res Galapagos Is (Fernandina, Isabela, Santa Cruz, Daphne, Seymour, Baltra).
F: seen, Chartier.
N. t. personatus Res Galapagos Is (Pinta, Marchena, San Salvador, Rabida).
F: seen, Chartier.
N. t. bauri Res Galapagos Is (Genovesa).
N. t. barringtoni Res Galapagos Is (Santa Fe).
N. t. wenmani Res Galapagos Is (Wenman).
N. t. hulli Res Galapagos Is (Culpepper).
N. trifasciatus Charles Mockingbird
Res total pop 46 inds (Chartier 1999) Galapagos Is (Gardner, Champion; extirp Santa Maria).
F: Champion: 5 seen from zodiac, Chartier.
N. macdonaldi Hood Mockingbird
Res Galapagos Is (Espanola, Gardner).
F: Espanola: 25, Chartier.
N. melanotis Chatham Mockingbird
Res Galapagos Is (San Cristobal).
F: 7 inland, Chartier.
Mimodes graysoni Socorro Mockingbird
Res Revillagigedo Is (Socorro 50-60 prs).
Oreoscoptes montanus Sage Thrasher
Acc Guadalupe I.


Aplonis zelandica Rusty-winged Starling
A. z. rufipennis Res Banks Is, Vanuatu from Paama and Lopevi n.
A. z. maxwelli Res Santa Cruz Is except Vanikoro.
A. z. zelandica Res Solomon Is (Banks Is), Vanuatu (Santa Cruz Is: Vanikoro).
A. santovestris Mountain Starling
Res Vanuatu (Espiritu Santo).
A. pelzelni Pohnpei Starling
Res Caroline Is (Pohnpei, Auk 113:229).
F: only confirmed record last 50 years: one collected Jul 1995 at 750 m in moss forest (crest vegetation) eastern side of Nahna Laud (Buden 1996).
A. atrifusca Samoan Starling
Res Samoa (Upolu, Savaii, Tutuila).
F: Savaii, Upolu: small to moderate numbers from sea coast to mountain tops (duPont, WB 84:375, 1972); Upolu: Mt Vaea, Vaisigano, Lonsdale. Tutuila: seen, Lonsdale. Savaii: abundant, Reed 1979.
A. corvina Kosrae Starling
Extinct. Res formerly Caroline Is (Kosrae).
A. mavornata Mysterious Starling
Extinct. Res formerly Cook Is (Mauke, Olson 1986).
A. cinerascens Rarotonga Starling
Res Rarotonga fewer than 100 inds.
A. tabuensis Polynesian Starling
A. t. pachyrampha David and Gosselin (2002b) note correct use of pachyrampha.
Res Solomon Is (Santa Cruz Is: Reef Is, Swallow Is, Tinakula).
A. t. tucopiae Res Santa Cruz Is (Tikopia).
A. t. rotumae Res Fiji (Rotuma).
A. t. vitiensis Res Fiji except Onoilau, Vatoa.
F: Kadavu: seen, Lonsdale; Viti Levu: common Joske's Thumb, Wailoku, Lonsdale. Taveuni: not uncommon, Myers.
A. t. tabuensis Res extreme se Fiji (Onoilau, Vatoa), Tonga (except Niuafou, Niuatoputapu, Tafahi).
A. t. fortunae Res Wallis and Futuna (Futuna, Alofa, Uvea).
A. t. tenebrosa Res Tonga (Niuatoputapu, Tafahi).
A. t. nesiotes Res Tonga (Niuafou).
A. t. brunnescens Res Niue.
F: common 1994 (Notornis 47:37).
A. t. manuae Res Samoa (Manua Is).
F: this and nesxt two taxa unc and cryptic on all major islands throughout Samoa, Freifeld et al 2001.
A. t. tutuilae Res Samoa (Tutuila).
F: seen, Lonsdale.
A. t. brevirostris Res Samoa (Upolu, Savaii).
F: Upolu: Mt Vaea, Vaisigano, Lonsdale. Savaii: common away from coast, Reed 1979.
A. striata Striated Starling
A. s. striata Res New Caledonia.
F: 1-4 PTRB, 3 Mt Koghi, 4 Yate-Goro road, Fairbank.
A. s. atronitens Res New Caledonia (Loyalty Is).
F: G. Terre: 4, Quested 1998.
A. fusca Tasman Starling
A. f. fusca Extinct. Formerly res Norfolk I.
A. f. hulliana Extinct. Formerly res Lord Howe I.
A. opaca Micronesian Starling
A. o. aeneus Res Mariana Is (Almagen, Pagan, Agiguan, Ascuncion, Takatsukasai).
A. o. guami Res Mariana Is (Guam, Rota, Tinian, Saipan).
F: Saipan, Rota, Tinian: common, Talbot, S. Smith.
A. o. orii Res Palau (Babelduab to Angaur).
F: Angaur and Peleliu, seen, de Vries; abund, Engbring 1988.
A. o. kurodai Res Caroline Is (Yap).
F: common, S. Smith, Talbot.
A. o. ponapensis Res Caroline Is (Pohnpei).
F: abundant, Lonsdale.
A. o. opaca Res Caroline Is (Kosrae).
A. o. angus Res Caroline Is (Truk).
F: common, Talbot, S. Smith.
A. cantoroides Singing Starling
Res Solomon Is.
F: common all islands except Rennell, where only 2 seen, Richards. Santa Isabel: rare Garanga R, Kratter et al 2001.
A. feadensis Atoll Starling
A. f. feadensis Res Solomon Is (Fead, Ontong Java, Kilinailau, Tauu).
A. insularis Rennell Island Starling
Res Solomon Is (Rennell).
F: 15 along road to L Tenggano, Richards.
A. dichroa Makira Starling
Res Solomon Is (Makira).
F: common around Hauta, Richards.
A. malaitae Malaita Starling
The taxon malaitae is quite distinct (Mayr and Diamond 2001) and considered so at the species level by Finch (1990).
Res Solomon Is (Malaita).
F: 7+ at 400-500m Mt Alsaan, Hornbuckle.
A. grandis Brown-winged Starling
A. g. macrura Res Solomon Is (Guadalcanal).
F: common Mt Austen and track to Tenaroo Falls, Richards.
A. g. grandis Res Solomon Is (Buka, Bougainville, Shortland Is, Fauro, Choiseul, Wagina, Isabel, Florida, Mono, New Georgia grp).
F: Kolombangara: several below Camp Professor, Richards. Santa Isabel: common Garanga R, Kratter et al 2001. Ranongga: 2, Hornbuckle.
A. metallica Metallic Starling
A. m. nitida Res Solomon Is s and e to Santa Ana, incl Kilinailau.
F: seen all islands except Rennell, Richards.
A. brunneicapillus White-eyed Starling
David and Gosselin (2002a) noted that brunneicapillus is an invariable noun and should not be changed to brunneicapilla.
Res Solomon Is (Bougainville, Choiseul, Guadalcanal, Rendova).
F: recent info from Cain and Galbraith on Guadalcanal, Hadden 1981; present near Honiara, Wheatley 1998.
Sturnus vulgaris Common Starling
S. v. subsp? Int NZ (NI, SI), Chatham Is (Long 1981) Res (self-int) Fiji (now extirpated? Onoilau, Vatoa Ono, Tuvanaira, Tuvanaicolo), Tonga (Tongatapu, Eua, Foa; extirp Ata), Norfolk I, Kermadec Is, Stewart I, Snares Is (max 18 inds, 1-2? prs, Miskelly et al 2001), Auckland Is, Antipodes Is, Campbell I, Macquarie I, Guadalupe I. Acc Hawaiian Is (Oahu, Hawaii), Vanuatu. Int (now extirp?) Lord Howe I max 50 inds (Jordan; Hutton 1991).
S. sturninus Daurian Starling
Acc Ogasawara Is.
S. philippensis Red-cheeked Starling
Acc Oct Palau, s Izu Is (Torishima), Ogasawara Is.
S. sinensis Chinese Starling
Cas Iwo Is (3 Oct recs Kita-iwo-jima).
S. cineraceus Ashy Starling
Cas winter s Izu Is, Ogasawara Is, Iwo Is. Acc Mariana Is (Saipan).
Acridotheres tristis Common Myna
A. t. tristis Int Fiji (Viti Levu, Vanua Levu, Taveuni, Ovalau, Wakaya, Cicia, Mago, Mamanuca Grp, Yasawa Grp), Samoa (Tutuila, Upolu), Society Is (Tahiti, Moorea, Raiatea), NZ (NI).
A. t. subsp? Int Hawaiian Is (w to Kauai, Midway Is), Cook Is (Rarotonga, Aitutaki, Manuae, Atiu, Mauke, Mangaia), Marquesas Is (Hiva Oa), New Caledonia, Vanuatu, Solomon Is (Bougainville, dying out 2001, Gregory, Russell Is, Guadalcanal, Three Sisters).
F: Solomon Is (common Honiara, Gizo, Malaita, Hornbuckle). New Caledonia (very common, Vandenberg). Fiji (Viti Levu: very common, Myers). Hawaiian Is (Kauai: Hanalei NWR, Lindsay).
A. fuscus Jungle Myna
A. f. fuscus Int Fiji (Viti Levu, Nukulau, Ovalau, Vanua Levu, Taveuni, Cicia, Laucala, Namenalana).
A. f. subsp? Int Samoa (Upolu, Savaii, Tutuila), Tonga (Niuafoou).
. F: Samoa (Upolu: a few Apia, Child 1978). Fiji (Viti Levu: very common, Myers 1996).
Mino dumontii Yellow-faced Myna
Mayr and Diamond (2001) do not recognize sanfordi, including it in kreffti; kreffti is quite distinct.
M. d. kreffti Res Solomon Is (Bougainville, Solomon Is except for Guadalcanal, Malaita, Makira, Ramos, Gower, Rennell, and Bellona.
F: Ghizo: several near Gizo, Richards. Kolombangara: several near Iriri, Richards. Santa Isabel: common Garanga R, Kratter et al 2001. Vella Lavella: heard, Hornbuckle.
M. d. sanfordi Res Solomon Is (Guadalcanal, Malaita).
F: Guadalcanal: fairly common Mt Austen, Hornbuckle; fairly common Mt Austen and track to Tenaroo Falls, Richards.
M. d. subsp? Acc Vanuatu? (Mele, Efate).


Prunella modularis Dunnock
P. m. subsp? Int NZ (NI, SI, Stewart I), Chatham Is, Campbell I, Antipodes Is, Auckland Is. Cas Snares Is (Miskelly et al 2001).


Dendronanthus indicus Forest Wagtail
Cas Ogasawara Is, Iwo Is.
Motacilla flava Yellow Wagtail
M. j. simillima Acc Iwo Is, Solomon Is (Bougainville, Mayr and Diamond 2001).
M. f. subsp? Vis Oct-Apr Mariana Is (Rota), Palau, Caroline Is (Yap, Truk). Acc Oct Norfolk I (Moore).
F: Palau (Peleliu: Dec, de Vries 1995. Unc throughout, Engbring 1988).
M. alba White Wagtail
Cas Palau (Engbring 1988, Pyle and Engbring 1985; but see Pratt et al 1987: report not separable from "equally likely" M. lugens Black-backed Wagtail.). Hypo Mariana Is (Guam, Pyle and Engbring 1985).
M. cinerea Grey Wagtail
M. c. robusta Vis Oct-Nov and Mar-Apr Palau, Mariana Is (Guam), s Izu Is, Ogasawara Is, Iwo Is.
M. lugens Black-backed Wagtail
Cas Ogasawara Is, Iwo Is. (see M. alba).
Anthus novaeseelandiae New Zealand Pipit
This taxon, A. australis, A. richardi, A. cinnamomeus, and A. rufulus are sometimes considered conspecific (Richard's Pipit). Allozyme separation distances indicate that novaeseelandiae may be distinct at the species level from the 3 island taxa following (Foggo et al 1997), whereas Holdaway et al (2001) suspect that the island forms may be the result of "convergent evolution which has resulted in separately derived island forms that are superficially similar".
A. n. novaeseelandiae (incl reischeki) Res NZ (NI, SI, Stewart I). Cas Kermadec Is, Snares Is.
A. n. chathamensis Res Chatham Is.
A. n. aucklandicus Res Auckland Is, islands off Campbell I. Extirpated Campbell I.
A. n. steindachneri Res Antipodes Is 1000-4000 inds (Tennyson et al 2002).
A. n. subsp? Acc Apr and Dec Norfolk I, ?Lord Howe I.
A. hodgsoni Olive-backed Pipit
A. h. hodgsoni Acc Iwo Is.
A. h. subsp? Acc Hawaiian Is (fall Kure).
A. gustavi Pechora Pipit
Acc Iwo Is (Kita-iwojima).
A. cervinus Red-throated Pipit
Cas Oct-Nov Palau, Hawaiian Is (Kure). Acc Iwo Is (Kita-iwojima).
A. spinoletta Water Pipit
A. s. spinoletta Acc Hawaiian Is (fall Kure).
A. s. japonicus Acc s Izu Is (Torishima), Iwo Is (Kita-iwojima).
A. rubescens American Pipit
A. r. subsp? Vis Nov-Feb Guadalupe I, Revillagigedo Is. Acc Hawaiian Is (Scott et al 2001), Clipperton I.


Bombycilla japonica Japanese Waxwing
Cas Iwo Is.
B. garrulus Bohemian Waxwing
B. g. centralasiae Cas Nov-Feb s Izu Is, Ogasawara Is, Iwo Is.
B. cedrorum Cedar Waxwing
Cas Guadalupe I, Revillagigedo Is. Acc Galapagos Is (Genovesa).


Phainopepla nitens Phainopepla
P. n. subsp? Acc Guadalupe I.


Vermivora chrysoptera Golden-winged Warbler
Acc Oct-Dec Clipperton I.
V. celata Tennessee Warbler
Acc Oct-Nov Clipperton I, Apr Revillagigedo Is (Socorro).
Parula pitiayumi Tropical Parula
P. p. graysoni Res Revillagigedo Is (Socorro).
Dendroica petechia Yellow Warbler
D. p. aureola Res Cocos I, Galapagos Is.
F: Galapagos Is (very common everywhere, Chartier).
D. p. subsp? Cas Revillagigedo Is (Socorro), Aug-Apr Clipperton I.
D. magnolia Magnolia Warbler
Acc Oct-Dec Clipperton I.
D. tigrina Cape May Warbler
Acc Nov-Apr Revillagigedo Is (Socorro).
D. coronata Yellow-rumped Warbler
D. c. coronata Vis Oct-May Guadalupe I, Revillagigedo Is.
D. c. auduboni Vis Oct-May Revillagigedo Is (Socorro).
D. virens Black-throated Green Warbler
Cas Revillagigedo Is (Socorro), Nov-Dec Clipperton I.
D. townsendi Townsend's Warbler
Cas Oct-Apr Guadalupe I, Revillagigedo Is (Socorro).
D. dominica Yellow-throated Warbler
D. d. subsp? Acc Clipperton I.
D. discolor Prairie Warbler
Acc Nov Clipperton I.
D. palmarum Palm Warbler
Cas Revillagigedo Is, Oct-Apr Clipperton I.
D. castanea Bay-breasted Warbler
Cas Clipperton I, Oct-Nov Revillagigedo Is.
D. striata Blackpoll Warbler
Cas Oct-Nov Clipperton I. Acc Galapagos Is.
Mniotilta varia Black-and-white Warbler
Acc Guadalupe I.
Setophaga ruticilla American Redstart
Cas Clipperton I, Aug-May Revillagigedo Is.
Protonotaria citrea Prothonotary Warbler
Cas Clipperton I, Oct-Dec Revillagigedo Is.
Seiurus aurocapilla Ovenbird
Use of aurocapilla, a noun, is discussed by David and Gosselin (2002a).
Cas Guadalupe I, Oct-Nov Clipperton I.
S. noveboracensis Northern Waterthrush
Cas Oct-Feb Revillagigedo Is, Clipperton I.
Oporornis agilis Connecticut Warbler
Acc Nov Clipperton I.
Geothlypis trichas Common Yellowthroat
Cas Nov-Feb Guadalupe I Revillagigedo Is, Clipperton I.
Wilsonia pusilla Wilson's Warbler
Acc Guadelupe I, Revillagigedo Is (Socorro).
W. canadensis Canada Warbler
Acc Nov Clipperton I.


Piranga rubra Summer Tanager
P. r. subsp? Acc Guadalupe I, Revillagigedo Is (Socorro), Clipperton I, Galapagos Is (Espanola).
P. olivacea Scarlet Tanager
Acc Clipperton I.
Ramphocelus dimidiatus Crimson-backed Tanager
R. d. subsp? Int Society Is (Tahiti).
F: occurs Punaauia, Paea, and Taravao districts, Thibault et al 1975.