Drongo macrocercus Black Drongo
D. m. harterti Mariana Is (Int Rota, self-int Guam).
F: Rota: 80-100 daily, S. Smith, Talbot; Guam: 1 airport, Talbot.
D. solomonensis Solomon Islands Drongo
Considered by Doughty et al (1999) specifically distinct from D. bracteatus Spangled Drongo based on morphology, habitat, behavior, and vocalizations. Mayr and Diamond (2001) included the Solomon Is taxa in D. hottentottus (or D. bracteatus if hottentottus is divided into allospecies, of which bracteatus would be one).
D. b. meeki Res Solomon Is (Guadalcanal).
D. b. longirostris Res Solomon Is (Makira).
F: 1 near Kirakira, 3 below Hauta, Richards.


Chasiempis sandwichensis Hawaii Elepaio
Pratt (in Scott et al 2001) noted that bryani is now isolated from the two other taxa on Hawaii and that some assortative mating may be occurring where the ranges of sandwichensis and ridgwayi meet.
C. s. sandwichensis Res Hawaiian Is (Hawaii).
F: drier areas Kona, Kau; Manuka SP and elsewhere South Koma Forest Reserve, Pratt 1993.
C. s. ridgwayi Res Hawaiian Is (Hawaii).
F: wetter areas Hamakua to Volcano, Saddle Rd kipukas, Kipuka Ki on Mauna Loa Rd, Pratt 1993; Hakalau NWR, Lindsay).
C. s. bryani Res Hawaiian Is (Hawaii).
F: Mauna Kea, Puu Laau, Pratt 1993).
C. sclateri Kauai Elepaio
Res Hawaiian Is (Kauai).
F: Kokee, Alakai Wilderness, Pratt 1993; Kalaupuhi Trail, Lindsay.
C. ibidis (=gayi) Oahu Elepaio
Res Hawaiian Is (Oahu).
F: Aiea Ridge Trail, rare, Pratt 1993; Kuliouou Valley Trail "near the end", Donaldson, D. Pratt.
Pomarea dimidiata Rarotonga Flycatcher (Kakerori)
Res Cook Is (Rarotonga 25 inds 1973, with management 153 inds 1997, Saul et al 1998).
F: Takitimu Conservation Area between 100-250m ASL in catchments of Avana, Turoa, and Totokoitu Streams (Saul et al 1998).
P. nigra Tahiti Flycatcher
P. n. nigra Res Society Is (Tahiti).
P. n. pomarea Extinct. Res formerly Society Is (Maupiti).
P. mendozae Marquesas Flycatcher
P. m. mendozae Res Marquesas Is (Tahuata, extirpated Hiva Oa).
P. m. motanensis Res Marquesas Is (Motane).
F: common in forests, Chester et al 1998.
P. m. mira Res Marquesas Is ( Extirpated? Ua Pou).
P. m. nukuhivae Res Marquesas Is (Extirpated? Nuku Hiva).
P. iphis Iphis Flycatcher
P. i. iphis Res Marquesas Is (Ua Huka).
F: common, has nested Vaipaee Botanical Garden, Chester et al 1998.
P. i. fluxa Res Marquesas Is (Eiao).
P. whitneyi Fatuhiva Flycatcher
Res Marquesas Is (Fatu Hiva).
F: common in dry woodlands, Chester et al 1998.
Mayrornis schistaceus Small Slaty-Flycatcher
Res Solomon Is (Sanya Cruz Is: Vanikoro).
M. versicolor Versicolored Flycatcher
This species and M. lessoni occurred together at least until 1985 on Ogealevu and Ogeadriki; since 1985 M. lessoni may have disappeared. Specs taken 1924 suggest interbreeding (Watling 2001).
Res Fiji (Ogealevu, Ogeadriki).
M. lessoni Slaty Flycatcher
M. l. lessoni Res Fiji except Lau Arch; also absent Gau, Koro, Matuku, Totoya, Kabara, Vulaga).
F: Kadavu: seen, Lonsdale; common, Myers. Viti Levu: Joske's Thumb and Wailoku, Lonsdale; common, Myers. Taveuni: common, Myers.
M. l. orientalis Res Fiji (Moala Group, Lau Arch).
Neolalage banksiana Vanuatu Flycatcher
Res Vanuatu (from Efate north, incl Banks Is).
Clytorhynchus pachycephaloides Southern Shrikebill
C. p. pachycephaloides Res New Caledonia
F: PTRB, Mt Koghi, Quested; 1-4 PTRB, Fairbank.
C. p. grisescens Res Vanuatu (from Erromango north, Torres Is (Hiu), Banks Is).
C. vitiensis Fiji Shrikebill
C. v. powelli Res Samoa (Tau; extirpated? Ofu, Olosega).
C. v. compressirostris Res Fiji (Kadavu, Ono, Vanua Kula).
F: Kadavu: seen, Lonsdale; a couple, not common, Myers.
C. v. vitiensis Res Fiji (Viti Levu, Ovalau, Lomaiviti Grp).
F: Viti Levu: a couple, not common, Myers; 5 Colo-I-Suva, Sargeant.
C. v. buensis Res Fiji (Vanua Levu, Kioa).
C. v. layardi Res Fiji (Taveuni).
F: 6 transmitter road, Sargeant.
C. v. pontifex Res Fiji (Qamea, Rabi).
C. v. vatuanus (For use of vatuanus, see David and Gosselin 2002a). Res Fiji (n Lau Arch: Tuvuca, Yacata, Vatu Vara).
C. v. nesiotes Res Fiji (Lau Arch from Cicia south).
C. v. wiglesworthi Res Fiji (Rotuma).
C. v. fortunae Res Wallis and Futuna (Futuna, Alofi).
C. v. keppeli Res Tonga (Niuatoputapu, Tafahi).
C. v. heinei Res Tonga (Tofua, Pac. Sci. 52:14; extirp Tongatapu, Eua, Haapai).
C. nigrogularis Black-throated Shrikebill
C. n. nigrogularis Res Fiji (Viti Levu, Vanua Levu, Ovalau, Taveuni, Kadavu).
F: Viti Levu: Joske's Thumb, Lonsdale; not common, 3, Myers; 3 Nausori Hglds, 3 Colo-I-Suva, Sargeant. Taveuni: not common, Myers).
C. n. sanctaecrucis Res Solomon Is (Santa Cruz Is).
C. hamlini Rennell Shrikebill
Res Solomon Is (Rennell).
F: 1 along road to L Tenggano, Richards, 1 Kia Koe Lodge, 2 Tinggoa, Hornbuckle 1999.
Metabolus rugensis Truk Monarch
Res Caroline Is (Truk).
F: 1-2 mangroves Tol South, S. Smith, Talbot; 2 at summit Mt Winipot, Talbot.
Monarcha cinerascens Island Monarch
M. c. impediens Res Solomon Is (small islands off the following, but not on the main islands: Buka, Bougainville, Shortland Is, Choiseul, SAnta Isabel; also Murray, Ramos, Gower, Ontong Java).
F: restricted to small islands off Bougainville: Zeunes, Nos 1,2, and 3, Hadden 1981).
M. castaneiventris Chestnut-bellied Monarch
The taxon ugiensis is quite distinct, probably at the specific level (Mayr and Diamond 2001).
M. c. castaneiventris Res Solomon Is (Guadalcanal, Malaita, Choiseul, Santa Isabel, Florida, Buena Vista, Savo).
F: Guadalcanal: 2 Mt Austen, Richards. Santa Isabel: common Garanga R, Kratter et al 2001. Malaita: 1, Hornbuckle 1999.
M. c. obscurior Res Solomon Is (Russell Is).
M. c. megarhynchus Res Solomon Is (Makira).
F: common around Kirakira and Hauta, Richards.
M. c. ugiensis Res Solomon Is (Ugi, Three Sisters, Santa Anna, Santa Catalina).
M. richardsii White-capped Monarch
Res Solomon Is (New Georgia Grp).
F: Gizo: fairly common near Gizo, Richards. Kolombangara: fairly common lower slopes Mt Veve, Richards; common, Hornbuckle. Ranongga, 2, Hornbuckle. Vella Lavella: heard, Hornbuckle 1999.
M. erythrostictus Bougainville Monarch
Res Solomon Is (Buka, Bougainville, Shortland Is, Fauro).
F: Buka: male, Gregory. Bougainville: not uncommon, Gregory.
M. barbatus Pied Monarch
M. b. barbatus Res Solomon Is (Buka, Bougainville, Shortland Is, Fauro, Buena Vista, Guadalcanal, Choiseul, Santa Isabel, Florida.
F: Guadalcanal: 1 along track to Tenaroo Falls, Richards; 3 Mt Austen, Hornbuckle. Bougainville: abundant below 1100m, Hadden 1981. SAnta Isabel: unc-common Garanga R, Kratter et al 2001; 2 Tirotongna, Hornbuckle.
M. b. malaitae Res Solomon Is (Malaita).
F: at 450m Mt Alsaan, Hornbuckle.
M. browni Kulambangra Monarch
M. b. browni Res Solomon Is (New Georgia, Kulambangra, Wana Wana, Kohingga, Vangunu).
F: Kolombangara: 1 below Camp Professor, Richards; 3, Hornbuckle.
M. b. ganongae Res Solomon Is (Ganonga).
M. b. nigrotectus Res Solomon Is (Vella Lavella, Bagga).
M. b. meeki Res Solomon Is (Rendova, Tetepare).
M. viduus Makira Monarch
M. v. viduus Res Solomon Is (Makira, Santa Anna).
F: Makira: common around Kirakira and Hauta, Richards.
M. v. squamulatus Res Solomon Is (Ugi).
M. melanopsis Black-faced Monarch
Acc NZ (Apr NI, Notornis 44:267).
M. godeffroyi Yap Monarch
Res Caroline Is (Yap).
F: 7 seen, most in forest s of airport, S. Smith.
M. takatsukasae Tinian Monarch
Res Mariana Is (Tinian).
F: 8 in forest by airport, S. Smith.
Myiagra erythrops Palau Flycatcher
Res Palau (Babelduab to Peleliu).
F: Peleliu: seen, de Vries; common forests, esp mangrove, Engbring 1988; up to 6 daily forest s of Wenty's, S. Smith; up to 2 daily, Talbot. Koror: 2 wooded rock, Talbot.
M. freycineti Guam Flycatcher
Extinct? Res Mariana Is (Guam).
M. oceanica Oceanic Flycatcher
Res Caroline Is (Truk).
F: 1-2 Weno, 6 Tol South, S. Smith; 10 Mt Winipot, Tol South, Talbot.
M. pluto Pohnpei Flycatcher
Res Caroline Is (Pohnpei).
F: common, Lonsdale; 10 fern forest, S. Smith, Talbot.
M. rubecula Leaden Flycatcher
M. r. subsp? Acc Lord Howe I.
M. ferrocyanea Steel-Blue Flycatcher
M. f. ferrocyanea Res Solomon Is (Santa Isabel, Choiseul, Wagina, Florida, Buena Vista, Guadalcanal).
F: Guadalcanal: fairly common Mt Austen, Richards. Santa Isabel: unc Garanga R, Kratter et al 2001; 2 Tirotongna, Hornbuckle.
M. f. cinerea Res Solomon Is (Buka, Bougainville, Shortland Is, Fauro, Mono).
M. f. feminina Res Solomon Is (New Georgia grp except Simbo).
F: Ghizo: several near Gizo, Richards. Kolombangara: several below Camp Professor, Richards. Ranongga: seen, Hornbuckle. Vella Lavella: seen, Hornbuckle.
M. f. malaitae Res Solomon Is (Malaita).
F: seen, Hornbuckle.
M. cervinicauda Makira Flycatcher
Res Solomon Is (Makira, Ugi, Santa Anna).
F: Makira: 2 near Kirakira, several around Hauta, Richards.
M. caledonica New Caledonia Flycatcher
M. c. caledonica Res New Caledonia incl Loyalty Is (Lifou, Ouvea).
F: 1 Mt Koghi, 3-4 PTRB, Fairbank; widespread Gr. Terre, Clarke; Lifou: widespread, Clarke. Ouvea: widespread, Clarke.
M. c. melanura Res Vanuatu (Erromango, Tanna, Aneityum), New Caledonia (Loyalty Is: Mare, Mayr 1945).
M. c. marinae Res Vanuatu (from Efate north, incl Banks Is, Torres Is.
M. c. viridinitens Res New Caledonia (Loyalty Is: Lifou, Ouvea).
M. c. occidentalis Res Solomon Is (Rennell).
M. vanikorensis Vanikoro Flycatcher
M. v. vanikorensis Res Solomon Is (Santa Cruz Is: Vanikoro).
M. v. rufiventris Res Fiji (except Beqa, Vatulele, Moala Group, Lau Arch).
F: Viti Levu: common, Myers, Clarke; Taveuni: common, Myers, Clarke. Kadavu: common, Clarke. Taveuni: common, Clarke.
M. v. townsendi Res Fiji (s Lau Arch).
M. v. kandavensis Res Fiji (Kadavu, Beqa, Vatulele).
F: Kadavu: common, Myers.
M. v. dorsalis Res Fiji (n Lau Arch, Moala Group).
M. albiventris Samoan Flycatcher
Res Samoa (Savaii, Upolu, Nuutele).
F: Upolu: Mt Vaea, Vaisigano, Lonsdale. Savaii: quite common lower elevations, Reed 1979.
M. azureocapilla Blue-crested Flycatcher
M. a. azureocapilla Res Fiji (Taveuni).
F: 5 transmitter road, Sargeant.
M. a. castaneigularis Res Fiji (Vanua Levu except Natewa Pen, Kambara).
M. a. whitneyi Res Fiji (Viti Levu).
F: common Joske's Thumb and Wailoku, Lonsdale; one, Colo-I-Suva Pk, Myers; 8 Colo-I-Suva, Sargeant.
M. cyanoleuca Satin Flycatcher
Acc NZ (Jun NI, Dec and Mar SI).
Lamprolia victoriae Silktail
L. v. victoriae Res Fiji (Taveuni).
F: 2 singles higher elev, transmitter road, Sargeant; 100 m asl directly above Tutu Catholic Seminary 1987, Frith et al, Notornis 36:96; 15 seen Lavena Falls, road to L Tegemouthia, Levine; at least 7 with George and Edward at Qeleni Rd, Clarke.
L. v. kleinschmidti Res Fiji (Vanua Levu on Natewa Peninsula).


Grallina cyanoleuca Magpie-Lark
Int, self-int? Lord Howe I (Hutton 1991).
F: seen Dec, Quested; Apr, Bielewicz.


Callaeas cinereus Kokako
David and Gosselin (2002b) established that Callaeas is masculine.
The NI and SI populations may be separate at the specific level based on plumage and ecological differences (Holdaway et al 2001).
C. c. wilsoni Res NZ (NI 1400 inds; int Little Barrier I, Tiritiri Matangi I, Kapiti I).
C. c. cinereus Extinct? Res NZ (SI, Stewart I).
Philesturnus carunculatus South Island Saddleback
The NI and SI taxa are treated as separate species based on size and plumage differences, and the possession of a juvenile plumage only by carunculatus (Holdaway et al 2001).
Res 650 inds NZ (South Cape islands off Stewart I; extirp SI, Stewart I; int islands off Stewart I).
P. rufusater North Island Saddleback
Res NZ (5000 inds Hen I; extirp NI, Great Barrier I, Little Barrier I, Hen and Chickens Is except Hen I, Cuvier Is; reint Hen and Chickens Is (Lady Alice, Whatupuke; self- int Coppermine), Cuvier I, Mercury Is (Red Mercury I, Stanley I), Little Barrier I; int Tiritiri Matangi I (400+), Kapiti I, Mokoia I (Lake Rotorua).
Heterolocha acutirostris Huia
Extinct. Res formerly NZ (NI).


Calandrella cinerea Greater Short-toed Lark
C. c. longipennis Acc s Izu Is (Apr Torishima).
Alauda arvensis Sky Lark
A. a. subsp? Acc Hawaiian Is (Kure, Midway). Int Hawaiian Is (from Niihau east), Lord Howe I, NZ (NI, SI, Stewart I), Chatham Is. Cas Snares Is (Miskelly et al 2001). Acc Kermadec Is, Auckland Is, Nov Antipodes Is (Tennyson et al 2002).
F: Hawaiian Is (Hawaii: Keanakolu Rd, Lindsay; grasslands towards Ka Lae, Faike).


Progne subis Purple Martin
P. s. subsp? Cas Clipperton I, Cocos I, Galapagos Is (Espanola, Santa Cruz).
Progne modesta Southern Martin
P. m. modesta Res Galapagos Is (except Culpepper, Wenman, Marchena, Pinta, Rabida, Genovesa).
Tachycineta bicolor Tree Swallow
Acc Clipperton I.
Stelgidopteryx serripennis Northern Rough-winged Swallow
S. s. subsp? Acc Guadelupe I, Revillagigedos Is (Socorro).
Riparia riparia Sand Martin (Bank Swallow)
R. r. subsp? Cas Clipperton I, Galapagos Is (Espanola, Genovesa, San Cristobal).
Petrochelidon pyrrhonota American Cliff Swallow
P. p. subsp? Acc Clipperton I, Galapagos Is.
Hirundo rustica Barn Swallow
H. r. erythrogaster Cas Sep-May Hawaiian Is, Revillagigedo Is, Clipperton I, Galapagos Is (Santa Maria, Espanola, San Cristobal, Santa Cruz).
H. r. gutturalis Vis Sep-May s Izu Is, Ogasawara Is, Iwo Is, Mariana Is, Palau, Caroline Is (Yap, Truk, Pohnpei).
F: Palau: Dec, de Vries; common throughout, absent short period in summer; usually a few at Koror dump, Engbring 1988; seen low nos Koror Feb, S. Smith. Caroline Is (Truk: seen low nos over Weno Feb, S. Smith.
H. r. subsp? Cas w Hawaiian Is (Kure, Midway).
H. tahitica Pacific Swallow
H. t. subfusca Res Solomon Is incl Santa Cruz Is, Vanuatu, New Caledonia incl Loyalty Is, Fiji, Tonga (Eua, Vavau, Tongatapu, Nomuka Group, Tofua).
F: Solomon Is: fairly common, seen all islands except Rennell, Richards. Fiji: seen most days Viti Levu, Taveuni, Kadavu, Myers.
H. t. tahitica Res Society Is (Tahiti, Moorea).
F: Moorea: very rare, Thibault et al 1975. Tahiti: widespread along rivers, Thibault et al 1975.
H. neoxena Welcome Swallow
Sometimes treated as a subspecies of H. tahitica.
Res Lord Howe I, NZ (NI, SI, Stewart I). Vis Norfolk I. Cas Kermadec Is, Chatham Is, Snares Is (Miskelly et al 2001). Acc May Macquarie I (N. Milius).
F: Norfolk I: 5-20 per day May, R. Clarke.
H. daurica Red-rumped Swallow
H. d. subsp? Acc Solomon Is (Bougainville, Mayr and Diamond 2001).
H. nigricans Tree Martin
H. n. nigricans Vis Apr-Sep n Solomon Is. Cas Nov-Apr NZ (NI, SI), Aug-Feb Snares Is (Miskelly et al 2001). Acc Dec Norfolk I (Hobcroft).
H. ariel Fairy Martin
Cas Nov-Feb Lord Howe I, NZ (NI,SI). Acc Dec Norfolk I (Hobcroft).
Delichon dasypus Asian House-Martin
Although David and Gosselin (2002b) established that Delichon is neuter, dasypus is invariable.
Cas Aug-Dec Palau.
F: Palau (Angaur: seen Dec, de Vries).


Poecile varius Varied Tit
Int Hawaiian Is (Kauai, Oahu; now extirpated).


Sitta canadensis Red-breasted Nuthatch
Res (extirpated?) Guadalupe I. Acc Mar Revillagigedo Is.


Salpinctes obsoletus Rock Wren
S. o. guadeloupensis Res Guadalupe I.
S. o. exsul Extinct. Res formerly Revillagigedo Is (San Benedicto).
Thryomanes sissonii Socorro Wren
Placed in Troglodytes by Howell and Webb (1995).
Res Revillagigedo Is (Socorro).
T. bewickii Bewick's Wren
T. b. subsp? Extirpated Guadalupe I.
Troglodytes tanneri Clarion Wren
Res Revillagigedo Is (Clarion).


Pycnonotus jocosus Red-whiskered Bulbul
Int Hawaiian Is (Oahu).
P. cafer Red-vented Bulbul
P. c. bengalensis Int Hawaiian Is (Oahu), Tonga (Nukualofa, Eua, Niuafoou, Tongatapu, Vavau), Tahiti, NZ (extirp? NI), Fiji (Viti Levu, Vanua Levu, Ovalau, Taveuni, Gau, Beqa, Wakaya, Wairiki, Waiyevo), Samoa (Savaii, Upolu, Tutuila), New Caledonia (Noumea; Notornis 42:214).
F: Hawaiian Is (Oahu: airport, Lindsay). Samoa (Savaii: small nos up to 900 ft coast and villages, Reed 1979). Fiji (Viti Levu: abundant, Myers; Vanua Levu: at airstrip, T. Clarke). New Caledonia (f. common Noumea, T. Clarke).
Hypsipetes amaurotis Chestnut-eared Bulbul
H. a. amaurotis Res s Izu Is (Torishima).
H. a. squamiceps Res Ogasawara Is (Mukojima, Chichijima, Hahajima).
H. a. magnirostris Res Iwo Is (Kita-iwojima, Iwojima).


Regulus calendula Ruby-crowned Kinglet
R. c. obscurus Res (extinct?) Guadalupe I.